Friday, 6 September 2013

In memory of José Julio Sarria ...

My thoughts and prayers are with new San Franciscan friends, and the city of San Francisco, as they gather later today to mourn the passing, and to celebrate the life, of José Julio Sarria (#JoséSarria); WWII Army Veteran, Drag Queen, Gay Activist & First Empress of San Francisco and founder of the International Imperial Court System, a fundraising network that has raised millions for charitable causes through costume-ball fundraisers and remains one of the oldest LGBT organisations in the world.

You may read an obituary here or here.

José's funeral will take place in Grace Cathedral at 11am (Pacific Time).

Dear God, you who cried when you lost a friend,who wept over Jerusalem,who asked friends to stay with you while you struggled with your life,please stay with us now, holding us in your love.Cover our lives with the fragrant oil of your healing,send your Spirit to comfort us in our grief,and fill our emptiness with new things.Gather our scattered lives into a community of love,where loss can be shared and gifts can be given for the easing of mourning.We pray these prayers in confidence,for you are our restoration and the renewal of our hope.Amen.
- McRae-McMahon, D. 2001. In this Hour. Liturgies for Pausing. London: SPCK

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