Monday, 20 May 2013

Swivel-eyed loons ...

I find it interesting that some MPs are so upset at ALLEGEDLY being called "swivel-eyed loons"! Awww ... Diddums.

When were you last called "disordered", "subversive", "demonic", "sick", "abnormal", "unnatural", or had someone recommend therapy to you because they don't like who you love, or had your love compared to a slippery slope to beastiality or paedophilia? When did you last have your family identity threatened because other people don't think you should be allowed to love or have children?

It's interesting to see these MPs taking a principled stand on the "swivel-eyed loons" comment, but not on some of the abhorrent comments made about gay people or their relationships. We have to campaign constantly, and often rely on the strength of allies who can speak up for us when many in the LGBT community are silenced by fear or bullying, to try and get MPs to defend us and advance equality.

I would venture to comment that perhaps their priorities need to be addressed.

I do hope that equality and common sense, rather than bullying and fear-mongering prevails. What a funny thing it is to have your future in someone else's hands.

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